Instructional Videos

Right here, folks, we’ve got a slew of moving pictures that’ll show you the ropes of using your Cup-a-Bug, along with the best tips to keep it in tip-top shape. So, pull up a chair and get ready to learn!

New to Cup-a-Bug? Tune into our snappy Quick Start Guide, folks! It’s got all you need to be a bug-catching whiz in no time flat!

Facing difficulties with your Cup-a-Bug’s lid not closing fully? This concise video guide takes you step-by-step through an easy at-home fix. Learn how to adjust the string tension and get your Cup-a-Bug back in top shape for your bug-catching exploits.

Facing issues with a detached string on your Cup-a-Bug? Our new video guide is here to help! Follow along as we demonstrate how to reattach the string to the lid, thread it through the device, and fasten it securely. With a little patience, your Cup-a-Bug will be ready for action again in no time. Check out the video here for a comprehensive step-by-step walkthrough!

Is your lid still not opening and closing properly? One common issue is that the spring might have stuck itself in bad position during shipping.

There is a spring that presses against the lid. The leg of the spring should be pushing against the tab of the lid. See the picture for reference. If the spring is not in that position, try to give it a nudge so it looks like the pictures shown.

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